Additional local information

All public places in Italy (restaurants, bars, shops, offices, DIMA, hotel corridors, ...) are
----- NON-SMOKING -----

Coming by train

If possible, get to Genova Brignole: it is the "second" by importance (after Genova Principe) and is very convenient, especially if your hotel is in the Brignole area!

At the airport

Arriving in Genoa by plane offers a pretty good view of the town: try asking for a window seat on the right side of the plane (usually seat F) to enjoy a bird's-eye view of the coast from Portofino promontory to the airport runway, which is built in the sea (not quite like Osaka airport ;-).

Genoa has a small "cosy" airport, you are likely to walk from your plane to the airport building. You may find taxis (20-25 euros to get into the centre) or the Volabus 100 (a ticket costs 3 euro and is valid until midnight on all public transport in Genoa): here is the timetable. Volabus runs from the airport to the railway station, Stazione Brignole (which is in Piazza Verdi, and not Piazza Brignole), close to most of the hotels we indicated.

Public Transport

AMT is the company running all public transport in Genoa: bus, metro, funicular railway, and even public lifts. ... an AMT ticket can be bought at a newsagent's for 1 euro and is valid on any trip combination for 90min after being stamped on the bus on the "AMT side".

The AMT ticket also allows one trip on the train in Genoa (Genoa is quite long and thin: from Genova Voltri to Genova Nervi): it should be stamped (again) in the station tracks on the "train side".

A day ticket cost 3 euros and is also valid for Volabus 100 going to the airport.

If you ask for instructions remember to say Via Dodecaneso, or Valletta Puggia, or Matematica, Fisica, Chimica, Informatica because there are many other University buildings in the area (Engineering, Medicine, ..), but they are quite far from us.

From Boccadasse to DIMA [Walk map]

From Brignole to DIMA

Two main choices:

bus 45, 86, 87 (7 mins) start from Stazione Brignole, so you may have the time to ask the driver to tell you where to get off for Dipartimento di Matematica, Valletta Puggia! Once it has joined the bus lane down the middle of a large road (3 lanes each way) notice when it leaves the large road for a smaller uphill road on the right (1 lane 1 way): the stop is after about 250 meters.

Stops: Staz. Brignole, Invrea1/Smirne, Invrea2/Casaregis, Odessa/Alimonda, Gastaldi, Gastaldi/Casa dello Studente, S. Martino 1/Università, S. Martino 2/Papigliano

bus 17 (7 mins) (towards NERVI) is slightly more frequent; you should get out after about 6 stops -- once it joins the bus lane down the middle of a large road (3 lanes each way) look out to the right, when you see the big blue-and-yellow Blockbuster sign get off the bus. Be careful: do not get in bus 17 if it goes to "de FERRARI" (that's the wrong direction!)

Stops: Staz. Brignole, Invrea1/Smirne, Invrea2/Casaregis, Odessa/Alimonda, Gastaldi, Gastaldi/Casa Dello Studente, Europa/Università

Reception on Sunday evening

(18:30 from DIMA) 19:00 Villa Spinola, Via Filippo Corridoni 5 (
light dinner); the Villa is marked as an orange square in the map above.

Genoa Downtown on Tuesday afternoon

(17:50 from DIMA) 18:30 Piazza De Ferrari by the fountain guided tour with Prof. Tony Geramita and his book "Medieval Genoa"!

Banquet on Tuesday

20:30 Galata Museo del Mare Porto Antico (menu)

Conference location: DIMA

  • The entrance of DIMA is at the 6th floor (and nothing else is on the 6th floor), so for the 5th you go down and for the 7th you go up (you'll understand when you see it ;-) .... wait until you try the diagonal lifts!
  • All rooms have computer projector, overhead projector and blackboards
  • Wireless network (called Issac) by DHCP will cover all 5th and 7th floor. For sending mail set your SMTP to; there is a limit to 10Mb for each mail.
  • Printing: if you need some (pdf, ps, ..) file to be printed, send it to print at with subject issac and specifying your name (remember the 10Mb limit!).

    5th floor

  • 505 (142 seats) (for the software presentations?)
  • 506 (180 seats) for permanent poster exhibition (+ books and advertisements)
  • the corridor in front will be the coffee-area (with refreshments available all the time and a view of the mediterranean sea ;-)
  • 508 (180 seats) for plenary session
  • 509 (180 seats)

    7th floor

  • 710 Registration
  • 712 (16 computers)
  • 713-716 (23-24 seats) rooms for personal discussions
  • piccionaia (pidgeon house): space above 713-716 with tables, Italian+Schuko sockets (220V, 50Hz), blackboards