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ISSAC06 Invited Speakers

Joachim von zur Gathen Universität Bonn Who was Who in polynomial factorization
Hennie Poulisse Shell International Exploration & Production Computational Communicative Algebra
Christopher Umans California Institute of Technology Group-Theoretic Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication

ISSAC06 List of Accepted Papers

Ziming Li, Michael Singer, Min Wu and Dabin Zheng. A Recursive Method for Determining the One-Dimensional Submodules of Laurent-Ore Modules
Alin Bostan, Frederic Chyzak, Thomas Cluzeau and Bruno Salvy. Low Complexity Algorithms for Linear Recurrences
Meng Zhou and Franz Winkler. Gr\"obner bases in difference-differential modules
Etienne Farcot. Symbolic numeric analysis of attractors in randomly generated piecewise affine models of gene networks
Santiago Laplagne. An algorithm for the computation of the radical of an ideal
Manfred Minimair. Resultants of Skewly Composed Polynomials
Rosario Rubio, J. Miguel Serradilla and M. Pilar Vélez. A note on implicitization  and normal parametrization of rational curves
Arno Eigenwillig, Vikram Sharma and Chee Yap. Almost Tight Recursion Tree Bounds for the Descartes Method
Hirotachi Abo and Chris Peterson. Implementation of Kumar's Correspondence
Christiaan E. van de Woestijne. Surface parametrisation without diagonalisation
Phelim Boyle and Alexander Potapchik. Application of High-Precision Copmputing for Pricing
Arithmetic Asian Option
Victoria Powers and Bruce Reznick. A quantitative Polya's Theorem with corner zeros
Pierrick Gaudry and Francois Morain. Fast algorithms for computing the eigenvalue in the Schoof-Elkies-Atkin algorithm
Mark Giesbrecht, George Labahn and Wen-Shin Lee. Symbolic-numeric Sparse Interpolation of Multivariate Polynomials
Viktor Levandovskyy. Intersection of Ideals with Non--commutative Subalgebras
Guénaël Renault. Computation of the Splitting Field of a Dihedral Polynomial
Akira Suzuki and Yosuke Sato. A Simple Algorithm to compute Comprehensive Groebner Bases using Groebner Bases
Hiroshi Sekigawa and Kiyoshi Shirayanagi. Locating Real Multiple Zeros of a Real Interval Polynomial
Wenyuan Wu and Greg Reid. Application of Numerical Algebraic Geometry and Numerical Linear Algebra to PDE
Sara Khodadad and Michael Monagan. Fast Rational Function Reconstruction
Sergei A. Abramov. A criterion for validity of the discrete Newton-Leibniz formula
Arash Farzan and J. Ian Munro. Succinct Representation of Finite Abelian Groups
Manuel Kauers and Carsten Schneider. Application of Unspecified Sequences in Symbolic Summation
Howard Cheng and George Labahn. On Computing Polynomial GCDs in Alternate Bases
Nicolas Le Roux and Moulay Barkatou. Rank Reduction of a Class of Pfaffian Systems
Itnuit Janovitz-Freireich, Lajos Ronyai and Agnes Szanto. Approximate Radical of Ideals with Clusters of Roots
Alan Sexton and Volker Sorge. Abstract Matrices in Symbolic Computation
Erich Kaltofen, Zhengfeng Yang and Lihong Zhi. Approximate greatest common divisors of several polynomials with linearly constrained coefficients and singular polynomials
Max Neunhoeffer and Akos Seress. A data structure for a uniform approach to computations with finite groups
Arthur D. Chtcherba and Deepak Kapur. Matrix Conditions for Existence of Resultant of a Polynomial System
Li Guo and William Sit. Enumeration of Rota-Baxter Words
Wei Pan and Dongming Wang. Uniform Gr\"obner Bases for Ideals Generated by Polynomials with Parametric Exponents
Michael Monagan and Roman Pearce. Rational Simplification Modulo a Polynomial Ideal
Akpodigha Filatei, Xin Li, Marc Moreno Maza and Eric Schost. Implementation Techniques for Fast Polynomial Arithmetic in a High-level Programming  Environment
Wayne Eberly, Mark Giesbrecht, Pascal Giorgi, Arne Storjohann and Gilles Villard. Solving Sparse Integer Linear Systems
Jeremy Johnson, Werner Krandick, Kevin M. Lynch, David G. Richardson and Anatole Ruslanov. High-Performance Implementations of the Descartes Method
Daniel Lazard. Solving Kaltofen's Challenge on  Zolotarev's Approximation Problem
Xiao-Shan Gao and Chun-Ming Yuan. Resolvent Systems of Difference Polynomial Ideals
Erich Kaltofen and Pascal Koiran. Finding Small Degree Factors of Multivariate Supersparse (Lacunary) Polynomials Over Algebraic Number Fields
Cyril Pascal and Eric Schost. Change of order for bivariate triangular sets
William J. Turner. A Block Wiedemann Rank Algorithm
Eric Robinson and Gene Cooperman. A Parallel Architecture for Computing over the Baby Monster and Other Large Finite Simple Groups
Masayuki Noro. Modular Dynamic Evaluation
Michael C. Harrison and Josef Schicho. Rational Parametrisation for Degree 6 Del Pezzo Surfaces using Lie algebras
Jonathan M. Borwein and Chris H. Hamilton. Symbolic Computation of Multidimensional Fenchel Conjugates
Joris van der Hoeven. Effective real numbers in Mmxlib
Guillaume Moroz. Complexity of the Resolution of Parametric Systems of Equations and Inequations
Izumi Miyamoto. An Improvement of GAP-Normalizer Function for Permutation Groups