ISSAC06 List of Accepted Software Demos

  1. Rafal Ablamowicz and Bertfried Fauser
    CLIFFORD with Bigebra´ - A Maple Package for Computations with Clifford Algebras
  2. John Abbott and The CoCoA Team
    CoCoA: Computations in Commutative Algebra

ISSAC06 List of Accepted Posters

  1. Marc Moreno Maza and Yuzhen Xie
    Parallelization of Triangular Decompositions
  2. Mei Jianqin
    Dimension vector and the size of the formal solution space of system of PDEs
  3. Alin Bostan, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod and Eric Schost
    Solving structured linear systems of large displacement rank
  4. Werner Krandick, Shawn S. Pierce, and Zhendong Wan
    Towards collaboration across display diversity
  5. Alexander Shermenev.
  6. Peter Ullrich
    Closed-Form Formulas for Projecting Constructible Sets in the Theory of Algebraically Closed Fields
  7. Ekaterina Shemyakova and Franz Winkler
    Approximate Factorization of Linear Partial Differential Operators. Full System of Invariants for Order Three.
  8. Xavier Dahan, Marc Moreno Maza, Eric Schost and Xin Jin
    Change of ordering for regular chains in positive dimension
  9. John Abbott
    Quadratic Interval Refinement for Real Roots
  10. Oleg Golubitsky
    Construction of rankings on partial derivatives
  11. Wenqin Zhou, Jacques Carette, David Jeffrey and Michael Monagan
    Hierarchical representations with signatures for large expression management
  12. Oleg Golubitsky, Marina Kondratieva, Marc Moreno Maza and Alexey Ovchinnikov
    Bounds and algebraic algorithms for ordinary differential characteristic sets
  13. Markus A. Hitz
    Small, Browser-Based Computer Algebra Systems
  14. Lev M. Berkovich
    Factorization of Self-Conjugated and Reducible Linear Differential Operators
  15. Takeshi Osoekawa and Tateaki Sasaki
    Hensel Fan
  16. Daiju Inaba, Takeshi Osoekawa and Tateaki Sasaki
    Visualization of Extended Hensel Factors
  17. Claudia Fassino
    A robust monomial quotient basis for approximate points
  18. Stephen Watt
    Algorithms for Symbolic Polynomials