ISSAC 2006 Schedule

Sunday, July 9

9:30-12:00 (break 10:30-10:45)Anna Bigatti and Lorenzo Robbiano CoCoA: A System for Computations in Commutative Algebra
13:00-15:30 (break 14:00-14:15) Marc Moreno Maza Triangular Decompositions of Polynomial Systems: from Theory to Practice
15:30-18:00 (break 16:30-16:45) Erich Kaltofen and Lihong Zhi Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Computation
ISSAC 2006
afternoon to 18:30Registration
19:00 (18:30 departure)Reception Villa Spinola

Monday, July 10

Contributed talks are 20 minutes long with 5 minutes afterwards for questions and stirrings.

Session A, room 508, 8:30-10:10, chaired by Anna Bigatti
8:30 Ziming Li, Michael Singer, Min Wu and Dabin Zheng. A Recursive Method for Determining the One-Dimensional Submodules of Laurent-Ore Modules
8:55 Pierrick Gaudry and Francois Morain. Fast algorithms for computing the eigenvalue in the Schoof-Elkies-Atkin algorithm
9:20 Mark Giesbrecht, George Labahn and Wen-Shin Lee. Symbolic-numeric Sparse Interpolation of Multivariate Polynomials
9:45 Sara Khodadad and Michael Monagan. Fast Rational Function Reconstruction
10:10 to 10:30Coffee break
Session B, room 508, 10:30-11:30, chaired by David Saunders
10:30INVITED: Christopher UmansGroup-Theoretic Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication
Session C, room 508, 11:30-13:10, chaired by Wen-Shin Lee
11:30 Rosario Rubio, J. Miguel Serradilla and M. Pilar Vélez. A note on implicitization  and normal parametrization of rational curves
11:55 Daniel Lazard. Solving Kaltofen's Challenge on  Zolotarev's Approximation Problem
12:20 Xiao-Shan Gao and Chun-Ming Yuan. Resolvent Systems of Difference Polynomial Ideals
12:45 Jeremy Johnson, Werner Krandick, Kevin M. Lynch, David G. Richardson and Anatole Ruslanov. High-Performance Implementations of the Descartes Method
13:10 to 14:20Lunch
Session D, room 508, 14:20-16:00, chaired by John Abbott
14:20 Sergei A. Abramov. On the Summation of P-Recursive Sequences
14:45 Erich Kaltofen and Pascal Koiran. Finding Small Degree Factors of Multivariate Supersparse (Lacunary) Polynomials Over Algebraic Number Fields
15:10 Meng Zhou and Franz Winkler. Groebner bases in difference-differential modules
15:35 Akpodigha Filatei, Xin Li, Marc Moreno Maza and Eric Schost. Implementation Techniques for Fast Polynomial Arithmetic in a High-level Programming  Environment
16:00 to 16:20 Coffee break
16:00to 17:00 Posters and Software Demos, Room 506
16:05to 16:30, Roman Pearce Maplesoft Presentation, room 508
Session E, room 508, 17:00-19:05, chaired by Lihong Zhi
17:00 Joris van der Hoeven. Effective real numbers in Mmxlib
17:25 Hirotachi Abo and Chris Peterson. Implementation of Kumar's Correspondence
17:50 Christiaan E. van de Woestijne. Surface parametrisation without diagonalisation
18:15 Eric Robinson and Gene Cooperman. A Parallel Architecture for Disk-Based Computing over the Baby Monster and Other Large Finite Simple Groups
18:40 Li Guo and William Sit. Enumeration of Rota-Baxter Words
19:10ISSAC Business Meeting

Tuesday, July 11

Session F, room 508, 8:30-10:10, chaired by Santiago Laplagne
8:30 Max Neunhoeffer and Akos Seress. A data structure for a uniform approach to computations with finite groups
8:55 Jonathan M. Borwein and Chris H. Hamilton. Symbolic Computation of Multidimensional Fenchel Conjugates
9:20 Cyril Pascal and Eric Schost. Change of order for bivariate triangular sets
9:45 Alan Sexton and Volker Sorge. Abstract Matrices in Symbolic Computation
10:10 to 10:30Coffee break
Session G, room 508, 10:30-11:30, chaired by Lorenzo Robbiano
10:30 INVITED: Hennie Poulisse Computational Communicative Algebra
Session H, room 508, 11:30-13:10, chaired by Roman Pearce
11:30 Victoria Powers and Bruce Reznick. A quantitative Polya's Theorem with corner zeros
11:55 William J. Turner. A Block Wiedemann Rank Algorithm
12:20 Erich Kaltofen, Zhengfeng Yang and Lihong Zhi. Approximate greatest common divisors of several polynomials with linearly constrained coefficients and singular polynomials
12:45 Wayne Eberly, Mark Giesbrecht, Pascal Giorgi, Arne Storjohann and Gilles Villard. Solving Sparse Rational Linear Systems
13:10 to 14:20Lunch
Session I, room 508, 14:20-16:00, chaired by William Turner
14:20 Arno Eigenwillig, Vikram Sharma and Chee Yap. Almost Tight Recursion Tree Bounds for the Descartes Method
14:45 Hiroshi Sekigawa and Kiyoshi Shirayanagi. Locating Real Multiple Zeros of a Real Interval Polynomial
15:10 Arash Farzan and J. Ian Munro. Succinct Representation of Finite Abelian Groups
15:35 Guénaël Renault. Computation of the Splitting Field of a Dihedral Polynomial
16:00 to 16:20 Coffee break
Session J, room 508, 16:20-17:35, chaired by Hiroshi Sekigawa
16:20 Arthur D. Chtcherba and Deepak Kapur. Matrix Conditions for Existence of Resultant of a Polynomial System
16:45 Nicolas Le Roux and Moulay Barkatou. Rank Reduction of a Class of Pfaffian Systems
17:10 Viktor Levandovskyy. Intersection of Ideals with Non--commutative Subalgebras
17:40 Trip into Genoa downtown and banquet

Wednesday, July 12

Session K, room 508, 8:30-10:10, chaired by Deepak Kapur
8:30 Izumi Miyamoto. An Improvement of GAP-Normalizer Function for Permutation Groups
8:55 Howard Cheng and George Labahn. On Computing Polynomial GCDs in Alternate Bases
9:20 Guillaume Moroz. Complexity of the Resolution of Parametric Systems of Equations and Inequations
9:45 Santiago Laplagne. An algorithm for the computation of the radical of an ideal
10:10 to 10:30Coffee break
Session L, room 508, 10:30-11:30, chaired by Barry Trager
10:30INVITED: Joachim von zur Gathen Who was Who in polynomial factorization
Session M, room 508, 11:30-13:10, chaired by Jean-Guillaume Dumas
11:30 Wei Pan and Dongming Wang. Uniform Groebner Bases for Ideals Generated by Polynomials with Parametric Exponents
11:55 Masayuki Noro. Modular Dynamic Evaluation
12:20 Manuel Kauers and Carsten Schneider. Application of Unspecified Sequences in Symbolic Summation
12:45 Akira Suzuki and Yosuke Sato. A Simple Algorithm to compute Comprehensive Groebner Bases using Groebner Bases
13:10 to 14:20Lunch
Session N, room 508, 14:20-16:00, chaired by Manuel Kauers
14:20 Phelim Boyle and Alexander Potapchik. Application of High-Precision Computing for Pricing
Arithmetic Asian Option
14:45 Itnuit Janovitz-Freireich, Lajos Ronyai and Agnes Szanto. Approximate Radical of Ideals with Clusters of Roots
15:10 Michael C. Harrison and Josef Schicho. Rational Parametrisation for Degree 6 Del Pezzo Surfaces using Lie algebras
15:35 Etienne Farcot. Symbolic numeric analysis of attractors in randomly generated piecewise affine models of gene networks
16:00 to 16:20 Coffee break
16:00to 17:00 Posters and Software Demos, room 506
Session O, room 508, 17:00-18:40, chaired by David Saunders
17:00 Michael Monagan and Roman Pearce. Rational Simplification Modulo a Polynomial Ideal
17:25 Wenyuan Wu and Greg Reid. Application of Numerical Algebraic Geometry and Numerical Linear Algebra to PDE
17:50 Alin Bostan, Frederic Chyzak, Thomas Cluzeau and Bruno Salvy. Low Complexity Algorithms for Linear Recurrences
18:15 Manfred Minimair. Resultants of Skewly Composed Polynomials
18:40SIGSAM Business Meeting